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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fallon Taylor: Me!

I'm Fallon Taylor and I guess this is where you will read about my life. Good stuff! Where to start? Um, my parents are Aiden and Kelly Taylor and I have a younger brother, Christian Taylor, Jr. We call him CJ for short. I attend the most prestigious private high school in Pleasantview and I am on the basketball team.....nutty isn't it? I don't really strike people as the basketball type girl. But just because I sweat on the court, doesn't mean I need to be sweating and nasty all the time! I recently started seeing Dirk Dreamer, who is dreamy, no pun intended!

We've been kinda sneaking off with each other for a while now. Not doing what you're thinking! See, my dad was this huge overachiever when he was younger, and me and CJ are expected to live up to his standards. So I used to study, play ball, and work and that was all I did. My cousin Christa is always telling me how big of a dweeb with no life I am. Then I met Dirk and he showed me that I could study, work, play ball, and HAVE FUN! He's a really great guy.

His dad recently started dating Mortimer Goth's daughter Cassandra. Don't know who Mortimer Goth is? What, do you live under a rock? He's the richest man in Pleasantview! So when I sneak out at night with Dirk, we ride in a limo! And sometimes my cousin even comes along. It doesn't leave much time for me to make my move on Dirk. See he KINDA has a girlfriend. Lilith Pleasant. I mean, really! She's this goth looking chick whose parents are going through a rough patch and so he spends a lot of time with her. I mean, I feel bad for her, but Dirk is hot! I really want to be with him and I'm going off to college soon. He is too and we will probably end up at the same school! She's not going to college so what does he need with the dead weight?

So I ask Dirk to go on an "outing" with me. In my mind, it's a date, but whatever! We have so many things in common and we never run out of conversation. It's really great. He tries to bring up Lilith, but I cut him off at the pass. There will be none of that talk on my date, er.....outing.

So I make my move and start flirting with him and he didn't turn me down! Things are definitely looking up! Imagine that, me, Dirk Dreamer's girlfriend! I mean why wouldn't he want to be with me? I have alot of things going for myself!

Then it happened.....I leaned in to kiss him and he didn't pull away. He even kissed me back! Lilith who? He feels guilty after it and says that he doesn't know why that happened, but it can't happen again....That hurt, but I'm very determined....I AM a Taylor after all!

So I'm practicing my free throws the next day when my dad announces that he wants to meet Dirk! I mean why? I told him we weren't dating, we were just hanging out. He said that he didn't care and expected to meet Dirk and his parents as soon as I could arrange it. Darn it!

So Dirk and his dad come over and things seem to be going fine. Dirk's dad, Darren Dreamer, is an aspiring artist who has had some recent success in selling his paintings. I'm sure that's Cassandra's doing but whatever. My dad and his dad really hit it off and I couldn't be happier. If the parents get along it makes it easier on the kids, you know?

Even my mom liked Darren and Dirk.....don't mind the weird glow around my mom.....she's a witch.....yea I know, it's weird. My parent's are just kooks like that. She even has a store that she sells her witchcraft stuff in. She's been this way since I can remember so I've just gotten used to it.
CJ is having a birthday and for his present, I decided to take him clothes shopping. He's going to be starting junior high school and he needs to look good! My mom could have taken him, but her style is....well, questionable!

CJ can be so stubborn! At first, he gave me flack about the stuff I picked out but I told him if he wanted to have a smooth transfer from elementary to junior high, he needed to look the part. He finally gave up and let me pick out some stuff for him. He was going to look amazing.....he's my brother, he's got to look good!

As we're heading back home, CJ confesses that's he's pretty nervous about junior high. He's always been really popular in elementary and he's scared that he won't be as popular once he changes schools. I told him that most of the kids from elementary were coming with him so he would still be just as popular as he was if he just keeps being himself. He's a cool dude, he'll be fine.
My parents throw CJ a birthday party and almost the whole family comes over. This is Christa Ray, the cousin that sometimes sneaks out with me....she's gorgeous isn't she? She would look even better if she would let me do something to her head and stop wearing those dark clothes. But she had her own style and nothing that anybody says can change her. But that's what I like about her and probably why, even though we are completely different, we get along so well. I'm going to miss her when I leave for school.

And here is the new, improved CJ. He looks so much like my dad! After he changed into some of the clothes I bought him and got a good look at himself in the mirror, he was no longer worried that he wouldn't be popular in school......he thinks he's hot!

Hmmm.....well there's Dirk....I am definitely going to make my move! He's a gorgeous guy and he deserves better than Lilith Pleasant! So excuse me while I give it to him!!

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